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July 13, 2009

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"Most Wanted" Poster Features 18 who Owe $800,000 in Child Support

BATON ROUGE - They range in age from their late 20s to mid-50s, are parents to 37 children, and, together, these 17 men and one woman owe more than $800,000 in unpaid child support.

The Department of Social Services (DSS) today published its list of "Most Wanted," a list of non-custodial parents who have not paid child support in at least six months and who owe at least $10,000. The list, which is featured on a poster, contains each non-payor's photo, last known address, number of children and how much they owe, along with "WANTED" printed in bright red across the top.

"By not fulfilling their obligation to their children, these parents are not only threatening their children's well-being, but also costing the state," said DSS Secretary Kristy Nichols. "Children whose parents pay support rely less on state services and are less likely to live in poverty and more likely to stay in school longer and attend college."

On average the "Most Wanted" owe nearly $44,000 each, although the top three offenders each owe more than $100,000. Richard C. Miller, a 49-year-old last known to live in Indiana, has not paid $128,220.55 in court-ordered child support for his five children. Santos Alberto Borrego, a 49-year-old last living in central Florida, owes $115,148.62 for his one child. Sara F. Williams-Worthington, a 43-year-old truck driver from DeQuincy, is behind $104,519.47 in support for her four children. Williams-Worthington is the only woman on the list.

The distinction of longest tenure on the "Most Wanted" poster goes to Troy David Courville, a painter last known to live in Florida who owes $24,146 in support for his two children, and Jerald Roy Douglas, a salesman from New Orleans who is behind $45,867.03 for his one child. Both men have been featured on the list since 2004.

All of the "Most Wanted" making the list are ranked by amount owed*:
  • $128,220.55 - Richard C. Miller, 49 years old, last known living in Chesterton, IN.
  • $115,148.62 - Santos Alberto Borrego, 49 years old, last known living in Altamonte Springs, FL.
  • $104,519.47 - Sara F. Williams-Worthington, 43 years old, last known living in DeQuincy.
  • $71,446.14 - Loy R. Bradbury, 37 years old, last known living in Zachary.
  • $49,606.68 - Richard William Prine, 53 years old, last known living in Baton Rouge.
  • $46,520.00 - Henry Wilson Briggs, IV, 46 years old, last known living in Brittany.
  • $46,129.22 - Travis T. Moore, 43 years old, last known living in Minden.
  • $45,867.03 - Jerald Roy Douglas, 41 years old, last known living in New Orleans.
  • $25,201.98 - Randell Polk, 34 years old, last known living in Richmond, VA.
  • $24,146.00 - Troy David Courville, 47 years old, last known living in Milton, FL.
  • $23,394.25 - Raymond J. Hymes, III, 38 years old, last known living in Natchitoches.
  • $21,418.42 - Justin Bernard Babin, III, 36 years old, last known living in Denham Springs.
  • $16,110.49 - Anthony Keith Alex, 41 years old, last known living in Natchitoches.
  • $16,317.78 - Rozario Lamonte Franklin, 34 years old, last known living in Hammond.
  • $15,904.36 - John K. Lawson, 41 years old, last known living in Atlanta.
  • $15,852.79 - Richard Hand, 29-years-old, last known living in Bogalusa.
  • $13,013.34 - Scotty Lance Sattler, 30 years old, last known living in Belmont.
  • $10,703.00 - Jerome Green, 56 years old, last known living in Bentonville, AR.
*As of July 10, 2009. The amounts may differ from the poster as some past due amounts may have been partially paid by the non-custodial delinquent parent, while additional amounts were added to others, since the publication of the poster.

Although this "Most Wanted" poster represents the worst offenders, Louisiana's unpaid child support to the Department of Social Services totals more than $1 billion. There are more than 55,000 cases of unpaid child support in the state.

"Recovering these funds not only help Louisiana's children live better, but also helps to offset state and federal costs for other services these children would need if they didn't receive these funds, like food stamps or Medicaid," said Nichols.

In 2008/2009 fiscal year, DSS' Support Enforcement Services collected $354 million in child support, including $103 million for cases in arrears.

In 2008, the publication of the "Most Wanted" poster resulted in five non-payors being located and more than $15,000 recovered.

Failure to pay court-ordered child support can result in liens against the non-payor's property, seizure of assets, suspension of drivers, business, professional, hunting or fishing licenses, interception of state and federal tax returns, passport denial and contempt of court charges, among other enforcement actions.

SES set a new state record by collecting $346,144,924 million in child support payments during last Federal Fiscal Year that ended Sept. 30, a 7 percent increase from the previous year.

Any member of the public who has information on the whereabouts of any person on DSS' "Most Wanted" poster should notify authorities or call (225) 342-4780.

The poster and full lists of all delinquent child support payors can be viewed at


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