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Child Care Assistance Program (CCAP) - Emergency Preparation

The Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS) is closely monitoring the situation regarding potential flooding on the Mississippi River and Louisiana's other waterways. With hurricane season now less than a month away, DCFS would like to remind providers to ensure that written procedures for emergencies and evacuations are in place and that Family Child Day Care Home providers and child care centers and their staff are adequately trained, equipped, and prepared in the event a hurricane or other disaster occurs. In addition, providers serving families receiving CCAP funds should be aware of their responsibilities regarding this program.

Participating child care centers (Class A) and Family Child Day Care Home (FCDCH) providers (Class R) using the finger imaging device for TOTS should be aware of their responsibility to safeguard the POS device from damage. Be aware that according to the Provider Agreement, the POS device may not be moved to another location without approval by DCFS.

Class A Child Care Center licensing regulations and the DCFS Provider Agreement for centers and Class R FCDCH providers require that a daily attendance log is kept that includes arrival and departure time for each child participating in the program. This log is especially critical in times when the TOTS device or the phone cannot be used.

Class A Child Care Centers - According to DCFS Licensing, if a disaster occurs and you are in an impacted parish, it may be necessary to suspend your license until your facility can be verified as safe to provide care. This may be accomplished by a required State Fire Marshal inspection, State Health inspection, On-site Licensing inspection, and/or other agency-mandated procedure to ensure the safety of children in your care. Your license would remain suspended until your facility is verified as safe. If the license is suspended, then the CCAP will be suspended as well. Once the license is reinstated, you will again be eligible to provide care to children receiving CCAP. Sign in sheets may be required for payment in the event that the POS machine could not be used.

Family Child Day Care Home (FCDCH) providers (Class R) - CCAP for FCDCH providers in impacted parishes may also be suspended until appropriate documentation is received. This form will be available at once a disaster has occurred. Sign in sheets may be required for payment in the event that the POS machine could not be used.

If a disaster occurs, you should check the DCFS website or call 1-888-524-3578 to determine if your facility or home is located in an impacted parish and to obtain additional information and instructions regarding your CCAP eligibility and payments. Continue to check the website as CCAP updates are provided regularly.
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