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November 1, 2011

Dear Child Care Provider,

The Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS) wants to provide up-to-date information so you will be fully informed of new processes and standards before they occur. Please read this information carefully and keep it on hand to refer to as needed. You can also find this information on the DCFS website under the Child Care Update section.

Emergency Preparedness

On October 6, 2011, an emergency rule regarding emergency preparedness for Class A and Class B child day care centers was adopted. Information about these new requirements and reference/tip sheets may be accessed on the DCFS website. This useful information will assist providers in developing their own multi-hazard emergency and evacuation plan to protect children in the event of an emergency. Providers must comply with these new requirements by December 1, 2011. Licensing Specialists will begin to verify compliance with the new emergency preparedness regulations on December 1, 2011.

New and improved federal safety standards for cribs

In December 2010, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission approved new mandatory standards for full-size and non-full-size cribs. Information about the new requirements for child care centers was emailed and is posted to the DCFS website for your reference. Providers must comply with these new requirements by December 28, 2012 in order to avoid being out of compliance with the new federal safety standards for cribs.

Immunization Information: Influenza

Influenza information will be posted to the DCFS website for providers licensed as a Class A or B child care facility to review and make available to each child's parent or legal guardian prior to November 1st of each year in accordance with R.S. 1428 of the 2009 Legislative Session. This information explains the risks associated with influenza and the availability, effectiveness, known contraindications, and possible side effects of the influenza immunization. Such information will also include the causes and symptoms of influenza, the means by which influenza is spread, the places where a parent or legal guardian may obtain additional information, and where a child may be immunized against influenza.

Office of the State Fire Marshal and Department of Public Health approvals

Licensing requires an inspection and approval from the Office of the State Fire Marshal (OSFM) and the Department of Health and Hospitals (DHH), Office of Public Health, Sanitarian Services. Attached is an information sheet that outlines procedures that shall be used by Licensing to review OSFM and DHH inspection reports.

Be Prepared: Information In The Event of a Disaster

When an emergency affects a large area such as a parish or region of the state, DCFS will put procedures into effect to protect the children's safety.

We have developed some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) and hope that you will review these now before a disaster strikes. Go to the DCFS website and click on the Service Provider tab on the left. Look for Child Care Provider then click on Important Updates. These questions describe the process needed to prevent an avoidable lapse in Child Care Assistance Program (CCAP) payments after a disaster. If a parish is declared a disaster, centers and homes in that parish will be required to complete a Center or Family Child Care Home Re-Opening Form. This form will be posted when a declaration of disaster is made.

Please visit the DCFS website often for updates and information for child care providers. DCFS will also periodically broadcast messages via the POS device and IVR as needed.

Communications From DCFS Are Issued by Email

The best way to ensure that you receive all updates and information is to provide your current email address to Provider Directory staff. The Department often sends information about Licensing and CCAP via email, so it is important that your email address is correct. You may contact Provider Directory at 1-888-LAHELPU to update your email address.

CCAP providers: Sign in Sheets Required for Any Request for Manual Payment for CCAP

Tracking of Time Services (TOTS) has been in operation for one year. As a reminder, you must ensure that CCAP children are being properly checked in and checked out each day using TOTS. If necessary, previous check-in and check-out can be completed by the parents or Household Designee for the current day plus the previous six days. Effective immediately, ANY INVOICE OR REQUEST FOR MANUAL PAYMENT OF ATTENDANCE NOT AVAILABLE THROUGH TOTS MUST BE ACCOMPANIED BY THE ATTENDANCE LOG(S).

CCAP Providers: Coming to the Web - TOTS Remittance Advice

Effective in early October, the Remittance Advice for all CCAP Providers will be available on the Provider Web Portal at The information on the Remittance Advices will be the same as what you are currently receiving and should be available to you about the same time your payment is deposited. Once the Remittance Advices become available on the Provider Portal, Class A, E, and M Providers will no longer receive paper Remittance Advices.

If you have not activated your account on the Provider Web Portal, you should go to the website to do so. If you need assistance, you may contact the Provider Help Desk at 1-888-281-0326.

Angie Badeaux
Licensing Section

Gail Kelso
Child Development & Early Learning Section
Executive Director

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