Department of Children & Family Services | State of Louisiana
May 15, 2012

Dear Child Care Provider,

We want to be sure you are aware of this important information so we are sending this as a 2nd Notice.

Reminder: TOTS Payment Affected By Fiscal Year End Close

As we informed you last year due to end of the state fiscal year financial processes that must occur, there will be a delay in payments for Child Care Assistance Program (CCAP) providers during the final week of June 2012. Specifically, no payments will be made during the week ending June 29th. On or before July 6th, payments will be made for the week beginning June 10th.

This is an annual occurrence and we are informing you again so you can plan ahead. As always we appreciate your efforts on behalf of Louisiana's children and apologize for this inconvenience.

Be Prepared: Know What to do if a Hurricane or Other Disaster Occurs in Your Parish

If an emergency covers a large geographical area such as a parish or region of the state, DCFS will closely monitor conditions out of concern for your safety and for the safety of the children and families you serve. In the event of a potential disaster, take the following steps to prepare:
Reminder: Record Keeping and Retention

Please visit the department's website at often for updates and information for child care providers. DCFS will also periodically broadcast messages via the POS device and IVR as needed.


Gail Kelso
Program Manager
DCFS - Child Development & Early Learning Section
627 N. Fourth St. | Baton Rouge, LA 70802 | PH: (225) 342-0286 | FX: (225) 342-8636 |

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