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DSS Raises $21,000 in Campaign to Prevent Child Abuse

April Designated as Prevent Child Abuse Month

DSS employees raised more than $21,000 in just two weeks to benefit Prevent Child Abuse Louisiana's campaign, Pinwheels for Prevention.
BATON ROUGE – As Prevent Child Abuse month gets underway, Department of Children & Family Services (DSS) Secretary Kristy Nichols today announced that DSS employees have raised more than $21,000 to benefit Prevent Child Abuse Louisiana (PCAL), shattering a $17,000 goal set just two week before.

“DSS employees rose to the challenge,” said Nichols. “In the two weeks since this campaign started, DSS employees, who already work everyday to build a stronger Louisiana, have reached deep into their own pockets to support programs that help prevent the devastating effects of child abuse.  And while we have already reached our goal, we will continue to raise more over the coming month.”

State headquarters, regional and parish DSS offices all took part in the campaign, buying bright blue pinwheels for $1.00 and lapel pins for $8.00. Standouts include the Baton Rouge Support Enforcement office, which raised more than $1,500. The Office of Family Support Midtown New Orleans branch also made a big impact; its 65 employees raised $1,000 through sales of PCAL pinwheels, as well as events like donut and popcorn parties. The Monroe, Jefferson and Shreveport regions of the Office of Community Services (OCS) waged an informal competition to raise the most money. Monroe raised nearly $2,000, while Jefferson and Shreveport both broke the $1,000 mark.

“For many employees, recent news stories about the tragic deaths of Louisiana children allegedly at the hands of their own parents made this fundraising campaign even more important,” said Nichols.

DSS originally aimed to raise $17,000 – one dollar to represent each child abused annually in Louisiana. With more than a week to go in the campaign, the agency is still receiving contributions from employees.

"The response from the Department of Children & Family Services' (DSS) staff has been amazing,” said Anna Fogle, PCAL President/CEO. “It certainly validates even further the work that we do at Prevent Child Abuse Louisiana. No one knows better that prevention is necessary than the people on the front lines working to support the children and families that are dealing with the after-effects of child abuse and neglect. We commend their efforts and their ongoing support."

Nichols added an additional incentive this year. For each dollar contributed, DSS employees were awarded a “jean day.” A $17.00 contribution netted employees casual dress for the month of April.

DSS offices statewide will display their pinwheels throughout the month of April.